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The Crystal Inner Circle is a place where experts and users connect. It is a source of endless information on how to use your crystals for beginners and advanced users alike. Interact with people just like you! Ask questions. Get Answers.

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The Crystal Inner Circle is run by the team at Crystal Vaults and acts as an inside ticket to the world of crystals and beyond. We have 150+ Gurus active in our community waiting to guide you and help answer your questions. We also have 15 full and active communities that explore every topic you'd want or need.

Crystals make their way into every part of the metaphysical life. Whether it be meditation, tarot, or astrology, we cover it all. We teach you how to use your crystals, which crystals work best for you, and how you can incorporate them more into your life for their healing effects. Get personalized access and attention from our many gurus and staff.

The Crystal Inner Circle is the ultimate companion to your Basic Crystal Users Course as well. Many of the lessons you receive are linked to the Crystal Inner Circle in some way... from the articles, to the videos, and the gurus. You can continue each lesson but researching crystals and other metaphysical elements further. If that isn't enough you can get one-on-one tutoring with one of our many gurus and experts or even discuss the course with other users and students!

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A community is a place where you feel at home, where you'll find what interests you most, and seek out what you want to learn more about. In these communities you can interact with experts and others who are interested in the same topics as you.

Crystal Healing

The metaphysical properties of crystals and their healing uses.

Crystal Astrology

Using crystals with the zodiac, horoscopes, planets, and the Moon.

Crystal Grids

How and why to build and create grids from your crystals.

Crystal Medicine Wheel

Learn about using your crystals on the Native American Medicine Wheel.

Crystal Elixirs & Teas

Recipes for tea, body oil, baths, and more infused with crystals.

Crystal Meditation

Instructions and guided videos for using your crystals with meditation.

Crystal Feng Shui

How to use your crystals in this ancient technique to increase health and happiness.

Crystal Divination

The art of divination and using crystals for scrying, dowsing, and more.

Crystals & The Tarot

Learn how perfectly crystals work hand-in-hand with the Tarot deck.

Angel Crystals

Crystals can help you connect with the Angels for guidance and more.

Crystals for Animal Companions

Learn different ways crystals can be used to help our best furry friends.

Crystals for Beginners

If you're new to crystals, this is the place to start and learn the basics.

Garden Crystals

How crystals can be used with plants, herbs, and your garden.

Goddess Crystals

You can use crystals to connect with Goddesses, the Divine, and your inner strength.

Crystal Labyrinth

Anything and everything else about crystals you could ever want to know.



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• Be able to get advice from a host of experts at no cost
(Most experts charge up to $150 per hour as consultants)

• Be eligible for the weekly FREE crystal "Fabulous Friday" drawing

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