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Crystal Inner Circle is a paid membership community featuring over 14,000 informative articles and blog posts, many active Certified Crystal Masters waiting to guide you and answer questions, 10 full and active crystal communities, and so much more! You can watch the video above to learn more.

Who We Are

The Crystal Inner Circle is run by the team at Crystal Vaults and acts as an inside ticket to the world of crystals and beyond. We have many active gurus and Crystal Masters in our community waiting to guide you and help answer your questions. We also have 10 full and active crystal communities that explore every topic you'd ever want or need.

Crystals make their way into every part of the metaphysical life. Whether it be meditation, tarot, or astrology, we cover it all. We teach you how to use your crystals, which crystals work best for you, and how you can incorporate them more into your life for their healing effects. Get personalized access and attention from our many gurus and staff.

The Crystal Inner Circle is also the ultimate companion to the Basic Crystal Users Course. If you have signed up for this course, many of the lessons you receive are linked to the Crystal Inner Circle in some way... from the articles, to the videos, and the gurus. You can continue each lesson by researching crystals and other metaphysical elements further. If that isn't enough you can get one-on-one tutoring with one of our many gurus and Crystal Masters or even discuss the course with other users and students!


Do you have any questions for us? You can contact us anytime at support@crystalinnercircle.com.

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