The Almanac of Gaia
Available to all membership levels


In an exclusive offering, the all-new Almanac of Gaia for 2019 is being given to all Crystal Inner Circle members absolutely free of charge. Now is the best time ever to join the Crystal Inner Circle and lock in your copy of this exclusive and amazing oracle!

You may be asking yourself... what is the Almanac of Gaia? The Almanac of Gaia combines the wisdom of the Sage of the I Ching and the compassionate understanding of the Earth Mother in an amazing weekly oracle of the coming year and its currents of harmony and discord in the Universal Life Force.


How it Works


The Almanac, created on the Winter Solstice, will divine the Cosmic Intents, currents, and influences of the Universe for each week of 2019. The Almanac is created by accessing the wisdom of the I Ching but in such a way that the influence of Gaia is gained in every aspect. The 52 weekly focused I Ching hexagrams will reflect the wisdom of the Sage and the concerns and caring of the Earth Mother.

The Sage speaks through the I Ching oracle. The purpose of consulting the Sage is to inquire, before an undertaking, whether you are in harmony with the Cosmic Way. When this is confirmed by the words 'success,' or 'good fortune,' whatever you do will be supported by the invisible helping forces of the Cosmos. When your attitude is discordant, the oracle predicts 'misfortune,' meaning that these helping forces will not support what you do.

Gaia is the Earth Mother Goddess, believed by some sources to be the original deity behind the Oracle at Delphi. Her visions are focused on us, the children of the Earth and our needs and desires. The Almanac of Gaia combines the wisdom of the Sage tempered by the concern and caring of the Earth Mother for her children.


How it Helps


The Almanac is not fortune telling. It will offer counsel directed toward helping you return to harmony with the Cosmos. Each week the I Ching hexagram and its changing lines will guide you to an understanding of the cosmic intent and the swirling currents of desires and dangers in the Cosmos.

Each week in the Crystal Inner Circle you will be given a deeper understanding of the principles of Cosmic Harmony that are involved in the issue at hand. In the light of these principles, you will be able to recognize particular mistaken ideas that are the cause of your discord, or misfortune. And, most importantly you will be guided to the use of the crystal energies with the most efficancy that week as their energies will be coherent with the larger forces of the Universal Mind. You can read more here.