Exclusive Insider Pricing

crystal inner circle crystal savings

Annual and Lifetime Members of the Crystal Inner Circle receive a 15% discount on every item at Crystal Vaults. But wait... There is more! We have added a new bonus to our program. Insider Pricing now includes FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100 or more shipped to any location in the United States. Click here to read more about insider pricing.

The Secret Garden

crystal inner circle secret garden

The Secret Garden shoppes inside of the Crystal Inner Circle are like a wholesale crystal wellness buyers club! Would you like to find crystals and everything associated with them and really pay only wholesale or less? How about Aromatherapy mixtures of pure certified essential oils at wholesale? How about some of the world’s finest teas at prices 90% less than you have been paying? Now you can... and a lot more every day, 24/7. Click here to read more about the Secret Garden.

Certified Crystal Courses

crystal inner circle crystal courses

Inside of the Crystal Academy, you'll find access to several courses. Many of them can lead to your certification as a Crystal Healer, Crystal Practioner, Crystal Astrologer, and more, if you desire. The crystal courses available include the Basic Crystal Users Course, The Crystal Astrology Course, and the Certified Crystal Healer Course. Click here to read more about our Crystal Courses.

Crystal Academy

crystal inner circle crystal academy

The Crystal Academy is where all of our crystal courses are located in the Crystal Inner Circle. Not only are there wonderful courses here, but there are also bargains found here available nowhere else. Find coupons for saving 90% off on courses at the Crystal Guild such as the Certified Crystal Aromatherapy Course. Click here to read more about the Crystal Academy.

Free Gifts

crystal inner circle free gifts

We have so many benefits in the Crystal Inner Circle that the free gifts are just like the cherry on top. The reason we like to do this though is to get your membership started off right! You can get free crystal eBooks, free crystal infused tea, a free crystal healing book, and more, just for becoming a member! Click here to read more about the free gifts that come with your membership.

Our Crystal Communities

crystal inner circle crystal communities

The main benefit to the Crystal Inner Circle is our many crystal communities! Inside the communities is where you can find all of the blog posts, videos, article libraries, and more. Plus, it's where you can ask any question you might have or search for the answers that have already been posted. Click here to check out all of our crystal communities.

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