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The Crystal Inner Circle is an online community of people that love crystals and want to use them for many different purposes. It is a simple-to-use, well organized community built on blogs, forums, libraries, video galleries, interaction, giveaways, instructions, guides, and just plain helpful neighbors (like over 150 experts from around the world) that can hold your hand as you explore the crystal energies of this world and cosmos.

It is timely, authoritative, informative, personal, interesting, and extensive. It will show you and explain to you every conceivable use of crystals for any purpose. It will bring you into the worldwide community of people that love crystals and are using them to make their lives and the lives of others better each day.

The Crystal Inner Circle is a Community, but it is also a Community of Communities. We have 15 full and active crystal communities for you to explore and become involved in. Each is focused on a particular aspect of using crystals but all are open to everyone and cater to the new users as well as the more experienced.

With this easy, friendly community you will find you can finally know what crystal to use for any purpose. So, you will not waste time or money on the wrong crystal. You will know when to use a crystal for a specific purpose, and not waste time when the energies are not correct. You will be able to just ask a question and have hundreds of experts see it and have someone that really knows the answer post it for you so you do not get upset when you can’t find answers.

You will find new ways every day for using crystals in your life - new recipes for crystal elixirs, new grid designs, new tonics, new medicine wheel designs, new crystal layouts, new chants and spells, new crystal discoveries, new uses for crystals in Feng Shui, how to help your animal companions, and many, many more things that no book, no course, no class, or retreat can ever hope to provide.

You will not have to buy hundreds of books and still not find the information you need. The world of crystals is now yours - in your own home and on your own schedule. You will be joining several thousand other crystal lovers that have already found the Crystal Inner Circle and changed their lives.

In Each Community You Will Find

The Blog

Each community has its own blog that updates daily to bring you the latest about your favorite topics. You can follow the Moon each day here to align your crystal healing in the Crystal Astrology community. You can get your weekly Angel Oracle reading here as well. Plus, many posts throughout the day from each community talking about your favorite crystals and how to use them.

We have over 8,000 posts right now across all 15 crystal communities and that number is growing every day! In the blogs you can find posts about Best Uses of Azurite on a Grid in our Crystal Grids community, Mookaite Jasper Balancing Stress Bath in our Crystal Elixirs & Teas community, Sunstone in Astrology for Each Sign in our Crystal Astrology community, A Goddess Ritual for Acceptance in our Goddess Crystals community, and so much more!


The Forum

Each community has its own forum/message board. Ask any questions you have or prompt an open discussion with other members and Gurus! Here you’ll often find open discussions going on about the best remedies for common ailments, which crystals work best for certain issues, and plenty of shared experiences. You can ask others what crystals they prefer or how they like to pick out which crystals to buy. There isn’t always a right answer to every question, so the forums allow you to gather wisdom from many knowledgeable gurus and experts around the world.

Even if you aren’t interested in joining the conversation just yet, there are plenty of posts to read and absorb, as they’re often filled to the brim with first-hand knowledge and experience.


The Library

Each community has its own library. The Library section is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of informative articles you can download as a PDF and read at any time on your phone, kindle, tablet, computer, and more! Even while offline!

Take all of the knowledge of the Crystal Inner Circle on the go with the Library. New articles are being added every month so you’ll always have the latest and most useful information available. In the Crystal Astrology Library, you’ll find Which Crystal Works Best for Your Sign and in the Crystals for Beginners Library you’ll see, How Do I Physically Clean My Crystal? and many more!


The Video Gallery

Each community has its own video gallery as well. The video galleries of each community are filled to the brim with helpful videos on how to use your crystals, how to make recipes using crystal essences, guided meditation videos with crystals, and information how to read your birth chart or the phases of the moon.

Here you will find the best videos across the web regarding crystals and the metaphysical life plus many of our own original educational videos available exclusively to Crystal Inner Circle members.


The Comments

Each community has its own comments section. The Crystal Inner Circle was built by crystal experts and lovers just like you! We’ve created an exclusive crystal community where experts and users can connect, learn, and get their questions answered. But sometimes we may miss something! Is there a feature you’d like to see? A new topic or crystal you’d like us to cover? Do you think the Crystal Inner Circle would be better if we just added x, y, or z? Well, the comments section is the place for you! We are always very grateful for all of your comments and suggestions. We read and reply to every one of them.

The comments section can also be used if you have a more private matter you’d like to deal with. If you have a question or comment that you don’t want to put in the chat room or on the forum, you can talk one-on-one with our community expert privately.


Our Crystal Communities

Crystal Healing

The sources of crystal healing powers are in the macrocosm rather than the microcosm; power is native to the Universe, not to the healer or the crystal. Vast currents of creative life force set in motion by the Creator cascade downward through multiple levels of the Universal Being from the galactic to the molecular. Some peoplecall these currents Chi, Qi, Subtle Ether, Astral Light, God’s love, or Prana. All of Creation is enveloped with these primordial currents.

These life-enabling, healing currents are refracted by the stars and planets like rays of light striking moving crystals, and descend to the Earth with greater or lesser force, depending on the complex geometries of astrological relationships, planetary locations,and the earth’s alignment and forms.

Crystal Healing stems from ancient traditions; blooming a beautifully colored history that we, at the Crystal Inner Circle, devote our lives to understanding. Medicine men, shamans, magicians, holy men, and healers have utilized the power of crystals in an amalgam of diversified techniques and traditions. Dedicated members of varied tribal cultures have worked with crystals across time to envision the future, communicate with ancestors, and heal the sick.

We know that mastery of crystal healing requires help and guidance, and we here at the Crystal Inner Circle are ready to assist. In the Crystal Healing Community you can find a treasure trove of information regarding Crystal Healing in all aspects of your life. Also, you can get every question about any aspect of crystal healing you have ever had answered by the experts.


Crystal Astrology

There are auspicious and inauspicious times to use crystals and the Crystal Astrology community explores that topic and beyond. The study of astrology brings a great deal to the crystal healer. The life-enabling, healing currents of the Universe are refracted by the stars and planets. The planets all have their influences, and astrologers can offer us amazing insights into their effects.

We know many of you are not familiar with astrology, and many find it very complicated to use. Don’t worry, you do not have to be an astrologist to use astrology to be very effective with your crystals. While you can certainly go beyond the basics to fine tune your crystal use by monitoring the cycles of all the planets, you can do just fine using just the most influential one. And keeping track of it and its effects is easy.

One of the infinite number of heavenly bodies has much more influence than the others - the Moon. The Moon literally zips around the Zodiac, completing its circuit in less than a month. It also touches us more deeply than the other celestial bodies. Other than the Sun, it is by far the largest in the sky, the closest, and the one that gives us our souls, our moods, and our feelings. We saw the Moon from our earliest moments, when we were infants still in our mother’s embrace. We never separate that in our subconscious.

The second element of understanding the effects of the moon on your crystals is to understand the effects of the Moon as it moves around the Zodiac. You see, the moon circles the earth in about a month, and it that orbit it passes through the entire Zodiac from Aries through each of the constellations and back again to where it started. The ancients determined that in those 28 days (or so) it passed through 28 sections of the heavens, spending just about a day in each one. These parts of the heavens all have names - They are the 28 Mansions of the Moon.

The effects of the heavens on your crystals is important. But we know chasing all over the Internet and trying to know what is going on each day is not something most of us have time for. So, rather than spend a lot of your time trying to keep track of the complicated sky, the Crystal Astrology Community in the Crystal Inner Circle does that for you every day. We maintain that Community to assure everyone can use their crystals at the most auspicious time for them and the use they contemplate. Just stopping in briefly each day can give you a wonderful insight into how much more effective your crystals will be.


Crystal Grids

In the Crystal Grids community we learn that combining crystal energies can enhance the effects of the individual crystals. Crystal energy can be combined and focused by using them on a crystal grid. Using crystal grids effectively will allow you to combine the power of the fundamental designs that form our universe with the healing and spiritual energies of crystals.

Crystals grids will greatly expand the effectiveness of crystals by combining their energies. Combining crystal energies in certain orders and within specific forms and structures, when done with understanding and knowledge, provides a way to greatly expand the power and energy of crystals in wonderful and highly effective ways.

There are many times when a single crystal can be all that is required for a particular need. Properly prepared and used, crystals can be highly effective in channeling the universal life force to meet a need. But sometimes you need more. When you find that your needs exceed what a single crystal can help you accomplish, you are ready for a crystal grid.

Crystals on a grid are used as Focus Stones, Way Stones, and Desire Stones. The Focus Stone draws the energy down and inward, essentially creating a flowing wave of coherent energy that is then coalesced and amplified through the crystal’s internal energy lattice and dispersed down the paths of the grid. The Way Stones then amplify and further modify the universal energy flowing in the paths of the grid. The Desire Stones gather the energy that has been focused and shaped by the Focus Stone, the Way Stones, and the paths. They give the universal life force its final shaping and tune it to the desired outcome of the crystal grid.

The use of crystals on crystal grids can help you get the most from your crystals. This use is so critical to success as a crystal user that we have made a special Crystal Grid Community within the Crystal Inner Circle. In this community we provide tips and techniques for building grids to use in your life for various needs. Some of the topics we discuss in this community are: which crystals are best for your need, the best designs for your need, and times of the year you can use them to enhance their powers.


Crystal Medicine Wheel

We know this may be new to many of you, but the Native American Medicine Wheel can be a potent spiritual guide to even non-Native Americans. You may not be familiar with the rich traditions and beliefs of the Native Americans but these traditions and beliefs can bring a new spirit to your life. The Medicine Wheel may well be a valuable tool for you or a family member as you deal with the myriad of issues modern life seems to be throwing at all of us. We often find that getting in touch with our past can help in aiding our present and future. We believe the Native American Medicine Wheel is one of the best ways to achieve this.

There are many Native American tribes, each with its own spiritual beliefs and customs. Although each has its own culture, all of them share a common, deep appreciation and genuine reverence for Mother Earth and the Creator, otherwise known as the Great Spirit. They all share a belief that all nature is to be respected - the land, trees, animals, rocks, and resources that make up our home – this Earth. We can all learn a great deal from them as we seek to live in harmony with our own natures and the nature of this earth.

The Medicine Wheel, representing the many cycles of life, is an ancient symbol that has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. The circle is representative of life's never-ending cycle (birth, death, rebirth) and each stone or spoke placement in the wheel focuses on a different aspect of living. The Wheel is a ceremonial center, an astronomical laboratory like Stonehenge, a place to pray, a place to meditate, a connection to nature, and a focus for enabling connections with all creation.

In the Crystal Medicine Wheel community, we explore the Medicine Wheel in all its incarnations around the world. The Medicine Wheel in all its forms is a potent spiritual tool with roots that extend into the deep history of many cultures. All are rich areas of exploration and discussion here.

We spent 2 years researching and writing the guide to the Native American Medicine Wheel. But we realized that many of us need much more to really gain the benefits a Medicine Wheel offers. This Community is here to assist by helping you to learn and use a medicine wheel in your life to grow and prosper on this earth.


Crystal Elixirs & Teas

Crystal Energies can be infused into other mediums - particularly into water. This is the main topic in our Crystal Elixirs & Teas community. The ability of water to absorb and hold the vibratory signature of a crystal allow crystal users to use crystal energies in new and important ways. Learning how to make and uses crystal elixirs will expand your crystal knowledge and the usefulness of your crystals. You probably have many crystals. Using them to make elixirs opens up many doors to additional uses for them.

A crystal elixir is the unique vibratory energy pattern of a crystal imprinted into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of water. The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focusing of the Universal Life Force. In the production of elixirs, water absorbs the crystal's energy pattern, potentializes it, and stores it. The patterns are manifested upon the water's interaction with a life entity.

There are two primary methods in use today to make crystal elixirs. One is the Direct Method in which the crystal is immersed in the water and the other is the Indirect Method, in which the water is separated from the crystal by a barrier. Both of these methods are well proven. Both have many approaches and processes that are used by different providers.

All of the physical variables of time, location, duration, and crystal condition affect the quality of a crystal elixir. Our experience has confirmed that in addition, the designer's intentions affect the subtle energy of the crystals and have direct effects on the efficacy of the elixirs.

In The Crystal Lotus Handbook, Margherita explains that a Crystal Elixir cannot be made without a clear, focused intention. We agree. This is important. The necessary interaction is one of "thought-forms" projected into the internal crystal lattice and the holding of those thought-forms until they are suitably impressed in the matrix. Making an elixir is just the beginning. Once you have a number of elixirs you can use them in many other products just like you might use plain water. Lotions and teas are just examples.

There are so many possibilities that we have created the Crystal Elixirs & Teas Community in the Crystal Inner Circle to help you explore them all. This Community explores the uses, cautions, designs, and formulas for making and using Crystal Elixirs and Teas. It provides homeopathic remedies to use with your crystals for the purpose of healing on many different levels. From recipes for crystal elixirs to crystal infused body oils, you will find clear instructions for using your crystals effectively in your daily life. In this community, our goal is to incorporate the benefits of crystals for your health and well-being.


Crystal Meditation

Crystals can be combined with meditation for powerful results. By using the metaphysical powers of crystals during meditation you can not only facilitate a deeper relaxation, you will also find rebalancing easier, and your capabilities of concentration enhanced. This can be used in order for you to focus clearly on the matter you wish to address.

Meditation is an ancient practice that offers tremendous benefits to the practitioner. Meditation does not require any specific beliefs or any metaphysical or spiritual ideas. You do not need any special talent. You only need yourself, your mind, and a few minutes in which you can be undisturbed.

Adding crystals to your meditation can enhance it greatly, especially with healing benefits. Meditation with crystals is a two-step process. First you must find the crystal that has the Universal Life Force energy that is appropriate to your intentions. Then you must either hold the crystal or place it in front of you where you can focus on it during your meditation.

Selecting the right crystal takes a bit of work. Each crystal has a crystal energy lattice, a color ray of influence, and an earth power derived from its chemical makeup. You must choose one that has the appropriate energy for your need. We are here for you in the Crystal Meditation community for that exact need and much more.

The Crystal Meditation community offer blog posts, videos, and articles for both the beginner and advanced crystal meditator (and everywhere else in between). We cover the benefits of meditation, how to meditate, and even how to sit properly. We discuss crystals, meditation, and their various uses together. You will learn which crystals to meditate with for desired results, various meditation techniques, and all about the seven chakras.


Crystal Feng Shui

The effectiveness of your crystals for any purpose depends on the energy flow of the location you choose. Crystals have the ability to focus and amplify energy including the Universal Life Force. But just like any other amplifier they must have a strong, usable flow of energy to work with.

The energy of the Cosmos is pervasive - but the Universal Life Force we use with crystals, some call it Chi, or Qi, or God’s Love, meanders slowly when it is healthy and life bringing (positive energy). It drifts and wanders, flowing easily and bringing the breath of life. It seems to flow have different strengths in different areas of space. This force becomes unhealthy (negative energy) when it is either blocked and becomes stagnant or is forced into hard fast lanes where it becomes destructive.

Do you ever wonder why certain parts of your house or office seem to make you tired or lethargic? Or do you sometimes feel jittery in one room? Do people seem to fidget or fall asleep in certain areas? Are you having trouble getting certain things done in your home? Do the kids have trouble concentrating on their school work? Do you feel somehow even threatened in some part? Does it sort of feel that a sword is hanging over you when you get near a certain spot? Is your environment pleasant or is "something just not right" but you can't put your finger on it?

Well, these and many other symptoms might indicate that the energy flow within your house, or room, or office isn't conducive to good health and well-being. The Chinese art of Feng Shui might just have the solutions. It does have the solutions to assuring your crystal use is not hindered by a poor Chi environment.

The practice of Feng Shui is the practice of arranging an environment that keeps the life force energy flowing and balanced so that we can live, thrive, grow and heal. The practice of Feng Shui, even the very basics, can work wonders in effective crystal use. Any attempts to focus and amplify the life force when it is diminished or blocked will not be particularly successful.

The good news is that you do not have to be a Feng Shui expert. Crystals are very versatile. However crystal use, particularly for crystal healing, crystal divination, crystal meditation, crystal grids, animal companion crystal healing, crystal alchemy, and crystal medicine wheels is much more effective when it is accomplished in a suitable environment that has an open flow of Chi and a suitable balance of energy.

We have a lot of experts and advice waiting for you in the Crystal Inner Circle Crystal Feng Shui Community. If you want help to assure you are using your crystals the best way possible, we are here. This community is all about using crystals in the ancient art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui teaches us how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it. We follow the daily Flying Star, which moves to a different Gua (section in your home or office) each day. We also discuss how crystals, colors, and elements are used throughout this ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China.


Crystal Divination

Crystals can help us access stored wisdom through divination. There are many different forms of the divinatory process that date back to ancient civilizations, such as the Roman or Aztec Empires. The shamans, wizards, and wise men of these times used divination for providing gifted insight.

The process of divination is an exercise for bridging links between the conscious and subconscious thoughts in order to dip our fingers into the collective unconscious. Divination opens our mind; past the filters that a scientific society tends to try conforming us to. Crystal divination helps us gain access to our stored wisdom of old by splicing the veil between our supposedly disconnected mentalities.

By using crystals and stones in divination practices such as scrying, casting, or dousing, we harness the Great Loving energy from within our crystals, our universe, and ourselves. When we’ve awakened and harnessed this bountiful energy, we are able to peek beyond the veil of mystery and witness the issues in our lives through lenses of love, as they truly should be observed.

The Crystal Divination Community serves to bring together crystal divination users from around the world together in one community. We also act as a guide for those who are interested in getting started or are beginners in crystal divination. Just stopping in briefly each day can give you a wonderful insight into how much more effective your crystals can be at divining the past and future.


Crystals & The Tarot

Crystals can be used with the Tarot for more powerful readings. Recently crystal healers have discovered and are beginning to use the tarot to their advantage by bridging the gap between our conscious and subconscious thought processes, allowing for a sort of communication between the two.

This sometimes difficult method of communication is interpreted by seeking understanding as to why the subconscious is drawn to certain cards and crystals alike. Allowing for all three-archetypal assimilation by Seeker, Healer, and Universe to be brought onto the table and put into play, we may begin to understand the intensity of the subconscious and what stories and emotions it may withhold.

We use the tarot as a link between the conscious and subconscious thoughts. With only a single card spread and the help of a few crystals we can dig into the subconscious and actually listen to what it has to say. It wants to be heard, to be understood. These cards not only help in guiding us to the light of truth but are used as a way to unpack our memories, understand our pasts purpose and release all negativity from it in order to ascend to a spiritual enlightenment in our future.

In the Crystals & The Tarot community, we explore all aspects of the tarot and how we can use crystals with our cards and in our readings. Tarot is all about connection and finding positive, constructive answers for ourselves and those we read for.

We will elaborate upon that connection here as we discuss and review different tarot decks, explore different cards through daily readings, and connect those tarot cards to different crystals. Crystals help us enhance our connection to individual cards and to our cards as a whole. As you may know, different decks “call” to different people. In this community we want to inform and inspire tarot readers, from beginners to experts, to find that deck that calls to them or to learn more about different aspects of crystal use with the tarot! Learn more about how to use the tarot in your daily life by joining us in the Crystal & The Tarot community!


Angel Crystals

Crystals are linked to the Angels and they can help you access them. There are many ways to enhance your communication with the angelic realm using specific crystals for each angel. There are different routes to angel invocation including both archangels and angels inhabiting lower realms.

Before getting started, you must do some research on what angel you wish to invoke. Many angels possess certain capabilities that they are marvelous at helping you with. Some angels heal aggressive tendencies, while others carry specialties in handling animals or children.

The Crystal Inner Circle Angel Crystals Library can help you understand which angels are good for what purpose. This awesome community can also assist you in pairing the angels with their favorite crystal counterparts. If you wish to contact your guardian angel, you may already have some sort of inclination of what kind of crystal he/she associates with more fondly. Once you have discovered which angel you would like to invoke and what scents, colors, and crystals they adhere to, you are now ready to begin the invocation process.

There are many reasons to use the crystals in angelic communication. In the Crystal Inner Circle, we not only guide you through many of these techniques, but also have forums and chat rooms in which we share ideas, stories, and inspiring messages. You can find much more information about individual angels and their corresponding crystals, as well as invocation rituals and harnessing techniques in our Angel Crystals community.


Crystals for Animal Companions

Crystals can also benefit our Animal Companions. Everything on earth is connected and every life is part of a greater whole. We all share a common energy, although within that we have our own individual energy signature, as do our pets and animal companions.

Animals are very sensitive to human moods and to atmospheres in the home environment. This complex soup of energies can be very unsettling for them and will affect their own emotional and mental state. Crystal Healing reaches all of the complex areas and the aim is that it will help you and your pet to understand each other better as your energies blend and you communicate on a much deeper level. Crystal healing is suitable for any animal and for any condition. Animals can suffer from stress just as much as humans do.

Animals, in fact, have a very high vibrational level output and can handle a large amount of energy. This has nothing to do with their shape or size, but rather this has to deal with their energetic fields and the innocence, understanding, and unconditional love energy that surround their very physical forms. They actually process healing energy very quickly and effortlessly and much easier than humans can. Their aura levels and chakra center absorb this so quickly that the healing sessions do not take as long as human energy levels or even an environmental energy grid can for a healing session.

You can use crystals to mitigate emotions and behaviors in your animals, such as possessiveness, clinginess, separation anxiety, grief, demands, lack of confidence, and even the need to reboot their polarity. Many use crystals to bring animals back into their body. Crystals can help amplify good behavior, improve communication, and promote well-being. They can be used to treat physical symptoms as well, such as inflammation, migraines, muscle soreness, and backaches. They’re helpful post-surgery and for system balancing, too.

We explore this every day in the Crystals for Animal Companions Community in the Crystal Inner Circle. In this Community we will guide you to becoming an effective animal healer. We will provide various therapies, techniques, methods, guides, and homemade remedies that will aid you on healing your animal not only on a physical level, but an emotional and spiritual level as well.

It takes practice, patience, and time to develop efficient healing skills and gain confidence in energy communication. The more healing we give, the stronger it becomes. As your healing potential develops different levels of awareness and understanding will unfold for you. Giving healing to your pet is to experience, and be guided along, a very special journey. Join us in the Crystals for Animal Companions Community at the Crystal Inner Circle.


Crystals for Beginners

If you're new to crystals, this is the place to start and learn the basics. We know the world of crystals can be overwhelming and bewildering. There are hundreds of books and thousands of videos out there teaching a vast subject. It is almost impossible to know where to begin and what to buy or watch. We certainly found that to be true when we started out many years ago. We can empathize with anyone who is as lost as we were.

We understand the issues. This community, Crystals for Beginners is just for you. Here we start at the very basics and we explain, show, guide, and counsel people that want to improve their lives and spirits with the amazing energy of Mother Nature’s crystals, gems, and stones. Here there are not dumb questions, hard to follow posts, strange words, or mystic saying that assume you know everything. Rather, we have straight talk, simple explanations, clear instructions, and good vibes!

The blogs are written to be understood and useful for the new beginner to crystals. The articles and videos are selected and produced focused on new users. The Forums are here to make sure every one of your questions are answered clearly and completely. We look forward to helping everyone learn the amazing power of crystals and how to apply that power in their own lives and the lives of others.


Garden Cystals

The Energy in Crystals can also affect Plants. There are actually two parts to the use of crystal energy with herbs and other plants: 1) Crystal energy can be combined with plant energy in a very synergistic way to treat many issues. In particular, herbs and crystal energies can be combined enhancing the efficacy of both. 2) The energy of crystals can be infused into plants the same as it is infused into our animal companions and into ourselves.

By using crystals and herbs together, we are able to mold the Limitless Energy to assist with our personal needs. However, magic will not work for a worldly desire; a profound spiritual need must subsist in order for magic to prevail. Magic should never be used for wicked endeavors; this will lead to the practitioner’s utter demise. It is our responsibility as light workers to wield magic for Loving purposes only.

Furthermore, in relation to crystals, herbs are dedicated and enchanted by rituals including astrological timing, visualization, chants, colored candles, and serene environments. During these rituals, we infuse the proper herbs with crystalline energetic properties in order to magnify their vibrational patterns. These herbs are then worn in addition to the correlating crystals that reverberate reflections of your individual intention.

Herbs are burnt as incense in practices such as Feng Shui to stimulate the flow of energy in your home or office. With their crystal partners, herbs are also infused in pure water to use in meditation baths, as Holy protective water, in magic potions, and elixirs.

We also use crystals to enhance the growth and purpose of certain herbs or plants in our gardens. By placing the crystals near or around the plants you wish to dedicate and infuse, we magnify our intention for the specific usage of these plants. The crystals, fueled by your loving intention, assist the plant in gaining their highest possible energy intake. Therefore, making each and every herb as beneficial to your health as possible.

In the Crystal Inner Circle, we have fashioned together a Garden Crystals Community to spread the knowledge of practical magic in correlation with herbs and plant life. In this fantastic community you can find recipes for potions and elixirs for each of your individual needs; you will also find enchantment techniques pertaining to all levels of crystal practitioners.


Goddess Crystals

Crystals can bring the blessings and strength of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess to your life. The best way to begin this process is to understand which goddess your heart connects with on a spiritual level. There are hundreds of distinctive goddesses of different cultures, and it can take a lifetime of research to understand each one. We have made this process extremely easy for you in the Goddess Crystals Community.

Furthermore, at the Crystal Inner Circle we have discovered magnificent ways to utilize sacred crystal power to help us strengthen our connection with the divine feminine and balance it with the divine masculine in our lives. For many years the sacred female has been suppressed by society and masculine cultures. The female mentality of dance, grace, compassion, and nurturing has many times been cast aside and replaced with anger, aggression, and warfare. It’s time we stop this nonsense and establish a balance between the two.

By dedicating and wearing female crystals such as Candle Quartz and Smoky Quartz we are able to enhance the Divine Feminine energy within. Determine if your crystals are male or female by observing their points. If the point of the crystal is clear, you have a male crystal. If the point of the crystal is smoky or opaque in appearance, you possess a female crystal.

In the Goddess Crystal community, you can easily look up any goddess pertaining to your individual issues. You no longer need to spend years of your life digging up old folklore and mythological books to distinguish which goddess you must call upon for which issue you wish to overcome. The Goddess Crystals community makes it simple for you to scroll through the amalgam of goddesses to read and understand which one is right for you!


Crystal Labyrinth

What is the Crystal Labyrinth Community you ask? Well, it is the everything else of our crystal communities. There is so much found within crystal healing and metaphysical uses that it's sometimes hard to put it all in a perfect little box. For that reason, we have that Crystal Labyrinth Community. Here, we will explore everything from Crystal Skulls to Crystal Bowls and more!

The Crystal Labyrinth will take you on different paths and journeys to using and discovering new crystals. Throughout this journey you will come across remedies, talismans, spells, and many other inspirational activities to benefit by while using your crystals. You can explore and discover new information about different crystals and their purposes here as well. Most importantly, we are in this Labyrinth of paths together, so you will find encouragement, and positive vibes all around.