About the Crystal Rainbow

★ Do you like free shipping?

★ Do you like getting good deals on crystals?

★ Do you like getting to decide what is on sale for you?

★ Do you like seeing what is new and being able to get it and pay super cheap prices?

★ Would you like to have exclusive coupons for amazing savings on crystals?

Crystal Rainbow is all that and more!

New benefits just for Crystal Inner Circle Members

If you are ready to save big on your crystal purchases, see new crystals before others, and be offered special sales and incentives - Now is the time to join the Crystal Inner Circle and get all this and much more!

Crystal Rainbow is now a benefit of the members of the Crystal Inner Circle. It brings members unique benefits not available anywhere else at any price... and the benefits are amazing! From "Shop the Sales" to the "Coupon Book of Magical Savings" there is something for everyone who loves crystals.

Crystal Rainbow is a fantastic opportunity to acquire unusual crystals, get free crystals, get free shipping, get advance notice and special sales, and more. There are two levels of Crystal Rainbow, GOLD and SILVER. Each level brings wonderful benefits that you will not want to miss. We'll talk about each level more below.



Shop the Shows

Get exclusive offers and discounts on crystals from international crystal shows with Shop the Shows.


Crystals by Invitation Only

Special members-only sales, not advertised or open to anyone other than Crystal Inner Circle members.


Never Miss Out

Always have advance notice of any major sale and usually a discount not available to anyone else!

Learn More About Each Benefit


Ever wanted to shop at the gem and crystal
shows around the world?

Would you like to join us as we unpack items from
around the world and get them ready for sale?

Now you can and you can buy those items, too!

Here at the Crystal Vaults, we source crystals and stones from around the world. We buy from our suppliers in Brazil, India, Nepal, Australia, China, Mexico, South Africa, Madagascar, and from many other exotic lands. We buy from our suppliers directly, and several times a year we buy from them directly at gem and minerals shows. Buyers from around the world by the tens of thousands flock there to buy at the shows. Now you can too... without the expense and travel...

Normally Katrina will open the boxes of the weeks’ new items, weigh, measure, photograph, describe, and list the new items for sale. That is how the thousands of items for sale on Crystal Vaults get on the web. But for our Crystal inner Circle members, we are going to let you join her each week and get some bargain to boot. Here is how...

Most Wednesdays we will share a short video of Katrina opening part of a new shipment of crystals and stones. She will show you the new items and tell you about them. You will be there as she finds the treasure for the week. And you can do more than look over her shoulder... YOU CAN BUY THEM right then and there - at special show prices.


American Express was right... Membership should have its privileges. And now Crystal Inner Circle Members have an exclusive one.

The world of crystals is one where Mother Nature seems to often offer "just a few" of something special. Sometimes one of our artists creates a few "special" pieces, or we get an offer from a collector to part with some of his collection. These events lead to a situation in which we have only a few of something. We don’t want to send an announcement to over 100,000 subscribers. We would sell out within minutes and disappoint thousands of readers. Instead, we now offer such opportunities "by invitation only" to our Crystal Inner Circle members.

For example, we recently were offered a small collection of all natural turquoise nuggets from a long-closed mine. Natural Turquoise is hard to find and impossible to test for. There are only a few suppliers that specialize in this material. Also, recently our wire wrapping artist completed a small set of Argentium Sterling Silver wrapped Eudialyte Heart Protection Amulet Pendants. These will be offered in an upcoming "Crystals By Invitation Only" event for our Crystal Inner Circle Members.

We cannot predict what the future will offer but be assured, as a member of the Crystal Inner Circle when the unusual, rare, scare, and valuable crystals come our way, they will come yours!


When we have a sale at Crystal Vaults, we often sell out quickly. With over a hundred thousand subscribers on the mailing list, things go quickly. BUT with NEVER MISS OUT as a Crystal Inner Circle member, you will always have advance notice of any major sale and usually a discount not available to anyone else!

When we plan a big sale we will send an email a day or two earlier to all the Crystal Inner Circle members. In that email will be information about the upcoming sale and a coupon code (like the red certificate illustrated to the right). You will get a chance to be first in line and to have a special price.



Coupon Book of Magical Savings

An exclusive coupon book with the most amazing offers - free crystals, free shipping, and a variety of special savings coupons.


The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is issued twice a year and features drastic discounts, savings, and even possible exclusive items!

Additional Gold Benefits Include


Many of our customers (OK, probably all of you) want to save money, and you want to know you got your money’s worth when you buy, and you want to know you have purchased authentic crystals and stones. We hear you, and as part of the Crystal Rainbow program for our Annual and Lifetime members of the Crystal Inner Circle... We have a coupon book... NO - we have TWO Coupon Books of Magical Savings.

In March and again in September (around each Equinox), Lifetime members and current Annual members will receive an exclusive coupon book with the most amazing offers - free crystals, free shipping, and a variety of special savings coupons to use at the Crystal Vaults. There are many thousands of crystals here, and more are added weekly, so there is always a good selection. And now you can save money!

Each of these coupon books will have a variety of special offers and savings opportunities. You will be able to get free shipping, save money on orders, and get free crystals. The coupons are valid for a full 5 months from the issue date. You have plenty of time to capture the full rainbow of savings they offer.


Yes, on America Has Talent, a Golden Ticket gets a major deal... you go straight to the Live Shows. And in the Crystal Inner Circle, it gets you straight to a really major deal, too. The Golden Ticket is a special coupon issued in March and September to all Lifetime members and all current Annual Members.

The March 2018 GOLDEN TICKET, for example, is a coupon good for 50% OFF ANY ITEM at Crystal Vaults. If you see a wonderful crystal cluster or something priced at say $800, you can use your golden ticket and get it for $400!! You can choose any item - and it is half price when you cash in your golden ticket. Like the photo above, a $400 item can be had for half price… $200. Wow. Choose wisely and get the great crystal you always wished for.

And... you will get a second Golden Ticket on September! I don’t know what incredible deal it will offer just yet but it's sure to be amazing!


Yes! I'd like to join!