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We have so many benefits in the Crystal Inner Circle that the free gifts are just like the cherry on top. The reason we like to do this though is to get your membership started off right! Take a look at what new members receive.


All Members Will Receive...


Bonus 1

Basic Crystal Users Course eBook

Get instant access to all 62 lessons of the highly-rated Basic Crystal Users Course in this acclaimed eBook. You will also gain access to the complete course inside of the Crystal Academy. In easy-to-follow video and textbook lessons, you will learn how to buy crystals confidently, prepare them, and use them in many exciting ways. From this, you can then become certified as a Crystal Practitioner by the Crystal Guild.


Bonus 2

Guide to Clear Quartz eBook

Many of us probably had a Clear Quartz crystal as one of our firsts. Many ancients believed them to be actual frozen light. To this day, beautiful Clear Quartz crystals and clusters inspire us and often evoke feelings of awe.

Now our Crystal Masters have prepared for you an easy-to-understand illustrated guide to these wonders. As soon as you join the Crystal Inner Circle, this exclusive eBook will be in your email inbox.


Bonus 3

Extensive Guide for Wealth eBook

We can all certainly use more abundance and wealth in our lives. Now, this new exclusive guide can show you exactly how to use crystals such as Aventurine, Jade, and more to grow the money and wealth you need.

This guide will be sent after your first month as a thank you gift for your continued membership (except for Annual and Lifetime members who will receive it immediately).

There are also many more blogs and articles in the Crystal Inner Circle that expand on the guide. There are many paths to explore when using crystals to grow wealth. Let us guide you through them.


Bonus 4

Extensive Guide for Happiness eBook

Happiness seems like such an arbitrary subject. What makes one person happy doesn't make another happy. The feeling of joy cannot be narrowed down to just one simple definition.

George du Maurier once said, "Happiness is like time and space - we make and measure it ourselves; it is as fancy, as big, as little, as you please; just a thing of contrasts and comparisons."

There is no one-size-fits-all for someone's happiness. Therefore, it is important that we find out what makes us happy. This is why crystals are such good aids for our happiness. They take our energy in and give out rays and vibrations that can lift our mood and make us happier in our lives. This guide will point the way.

This guide will be sent on your 2 month anniversary as a thank you gift for your loyalty (except for Annual and Lifetime members who will get it immediately after joining).


Annual & Lifetime Members Will Also Receive...


Bonus 5

Guide To Crystal Preparation eBook

We have sold thousands of copies of this definitive guide to cleansing, charging, awakening, aligning, and programming crystals. It is an invaluable reference that will assure your crystals are cleansed, charged, and powerful. This guide will be sent to you immediately upon joining.

This guide is for anyone needed to get the very best from their crystals. You could buy $300 worth of crystal books and not learn 1/10 of what is covered in this book. Cleansing crystals, clearing crystals, awakening crystals, focusing, aligning, dedicating, programming, charging, and recharging crystals are all subjects you'll read and learn about.


Bonus 6

The Ten Secrets of
Crystal Healing eBook

This volume is not available anywhere. It is the companion guide to the Certified Crystal Healers Course. Even if you're not interested in the course (it is free for you, too), the book gives you the keys to effective crystal healing.

From the importance of intention to the timing of healing with the moon's energy, this easy-to-read guide will ensure your crystal healing efforts are successful. You will receive this eBook immediately upon joining.


Bonus 7

The Ten Secrets of
Crystal Healing Book

Get a full-color, soft-cover edition of The 10 Secrets of Crystal Healing. In an easy-to-use format, this is a perfect addition to your crystal library. Just cover shipping costs (waived for Lifetime Members), and we'll get this incredible book sent out to you ASAP.

This book explains the ten secrets of crystal healing. These secrets are the results of about eight years of research into crystal healing traditions from around the world. It also includes the examination of current medical studies into the effects of the healing arts.


Bonus 8

Crystal Tea Sampler

We have some of the finest teas in the world and we have infused the tea bags with crystal energy. We will send you a crystal tea sampler so you can try the different flavors and enjoy effortless crystal healing.

Crystal infused tea is made at Crystal Vaults using a proprietary method of pyramid power to focus and imprint the crystals' energy patterns into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of the tea leaves. The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focusing of the Universal Life Force.


Bonus 9

Become a Crystal Master

Get every crystal course leading to certification as a Crystal Master (valued at well over $1000) FREE to take at your own pace. Over 200 lessons are available to you to learn on your own schedule.

From Crystal Aromatherapy to Crystal Astrology, it is all here for you in the Crystal Inner Circle. Also, with our many Crystal Masters in the Crystal Inner Circle, there is always help and guidance for you along the way.


Lifetime Members Will Also Receive...


Bonus 10

Joyful Long Life Crystal Grid

For our new Lifetime Members, in addition to bonuses 1 - 9, we have a very special Crystal Grid of Joyful Long Life. This is a specially designed crystal grid only available to our Lifetime Members. It is designed, dedicated, and aligned with lunar energies to bring both joy and long life to the owner.

Packaged in a storage box with all crystals and instructions, you will find it to be a source of joy and health. Each is made special for our new members and may have different crystals than shown in examples.

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