Free Gifts


We have so many benefits in the Crystal Inner Circle that the free gifts are just like the cherry on top. The reason we like to do this though is to get your membership started off right! You can get a free crystal, free crystal infused tea, a free crystal healing book, and more, just for becoming a member! Take a look at what new members receive.


A Free Crystal Preparation Guide
Available to all membership levels



We have a new, updated version of the "Preparing Crystals" eBook. Crammed with detailed, illustrated advice, it explains in detail how to clean, cleanse, charge, awaken, and align your crystals. All Crystal Inner Circle members will receive a free copy by email upon joining.

This guide is for anyone needed to get the very best from their crystals. You could buy $300 worth of crystal books and not learn 1/10 of what is covered in this book - Cleaning crystals, Clearing crystals, Cleansing and awakening crystals, Focusing, Aligning, Dedicating, Programming, Charging, and Recharging crystals.

If you use crystals for healing, feng shui, out of body travel, divination, spirit communication, angelic communication, honoring deities, or any other reason, you need this book to make sure your crystals are working at their full potential.


The Almanac of Gaia
Available to all membership levels


In an exclusive offering, the all-new Almanac of Gaia for 2019 is being given to all Crystal Inner Circle members absolutely free of charge. The Almanac of Gaia combines the wisdom of the Sage of the I Ching and the compassionate understanding of the Earth Mother in an amazing weekly oracle of the coming year and its currents of harmony and discord in the Universal Life Force.

The Almanac, created on the Winter Solstice, will divine the Cosmic Intents, currents, and influences of the Universe for each week of 2019. The Almanac is created by accessing the wisdom of the I Ching but in such a way that the influence of Gaia is gained in every aspect. The 52 weekly focused I Ching hexagrams will reflect the wisdom of the Sage and the concerns and caring of the Earth Mother.

Each week in the Crystal Inner Circle you will be given a deeper understanding of the principles of Cosmic Harmony that are involved in the issue at hand. In the light of these principles, you will be able to recognize particular mistaken ideas that are the cause of your discord, or misfortune. And, most importantly you will be guided to the use of the crystal energies with the most efficacy that week as their energies will be coherent with the larger forces of the Universal Mind.


A Free Crystal Healing Book
Available to Annual and Lifetime Members



New Annual and Lifetime Members can receive the book, "The Ten Secrets of Crystal Healing" FREE with an order from Crystal Vaults. This book took ten years to research and write and it is not available in any store anywhere.

The book explains the ten secrets of crystal healing. These secrets are the results of about 8 years of research into crystal healing traditions from around the world, along with study of current medical studies into the effects of the healing arts.

Secret 1: Healing Intent Must Be Contemplated and Manifested by the Healer
Secret 2: The Conscious and Subconscious Mind Must Be Treated Simultaneously
Secret 3: Engaged Care and Rituals Affect the Cure
Secret 4: The Location Affects the Efficacy of any Crystal Healing Regimen
Secret 5: The Moon's Travels Determine Which Crystal Healing Will Be Successful
Secret 6: The Phase of the Moon Determines the Type of Healing that Can Be Accomplished
Secret 7: The Crystal Energy Lattice Shapes and Forms the Healing Energy
Secret 8: The Eight Earth Energies of Crystals Align Their Healing Effects
Secret 9: The Color Energy of the Crystal Transmits Its Healing Energy
Secret 10: Cleansing the Crystal Is Imperative

Each secret is discussed in detail. Mastery of these 10 secrets will assure any crystal healer is an effective healer.


A Free Set of Crystal Infused Tea
Available to Annual and Lifetime Members


All new Annual Members will receive a collectors set of delicious and powerful crystal infused organic Teatulia tea bags with an order from Crystal Vaults.

Crystal Infused tea is made at Crystal Vaults using a proprietary method of pyramid power to focus and imprint the crystals' energy patterns into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of the tea leaves. The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focusing of the Universal Life Force.

In the production of our teas, the focusing and preservation energy of a gold and copper pyramid made to the same proportions and angles as the Great Pyramid of Cheops focuses the crystals' energy pattern, potentializes it, and infuses it into the tea leaves. The patterns are manifested upon the tea's interaction with a life entity. The energy matrix of the crystals will be fully realized when drinking the tea.


A Free Healing Quartz Crystal
Available to Lifetime Members


All new Lifetime Members will receive a gorgeous Himalayan Quartz healing crystal from high in the Himalayan Mountains shipped with an order from Crystal Vaults.

Himalayan Quartz carries the purest spiritual energy on the planet, and crystals from Nepal are known for their amazing clarity, brightness and sparkle; most of the clusters offered here are remarkably “water clear.” They are the supreme gifts of Mother Earth, and even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher.

Wearing, carrying, or meditating with a Himalayan Quartz crystal opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of Spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form. Resonating at the level of an individual’s needs, these clusters and crystals also amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into them, and continue to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This may accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, or simply allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy long enough and strongly enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur.