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The Crystal Inner Circle is a membership community (and the only online crystal community) featuring over 14,000 informative articles and blog posts, active Certified Crystal Masters waiting to guide you and answer questions, 10 full and active crystal communities, and so much more! It was built by top experts just for you.

To put it briefly, the Crystal Inner Circle is a place where experts and users connect. It is your exclusive source for endless information on how to use your crystals for beginners and advanced users alike. It is also home to the Secret Garden, an exclusive crystal buyer's club, and the Crystal Academy.

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Who We Are

The Crystal Inner Circle is run by the team at Crystal Vaults and acts as an inside ticket to the world of crystals and beyond. We are here to guide you and help answer your questions. We also have 10 full and active crystal communities that explore every topic you'd ever want or need.

Crystals make their way into every part of the metaphysical life. Whether it be meditation, tarot, or astrology, we cover it all. We teach you how to use your crystals, which crystals work best for you, and how you can incorporate them more into your life for their healing effects. Get great deals on crystals at Crystal Vaults plus access to special, members only items.

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Expert Support

The Crystal Inner Circle is also the ultimate companion to the Basic Crystal Users Course. If you have signed up for this course, many of the lessons you receive are linked to the Crystal Inner Circle in some way... from the articles, to the videos, and the experts.

You can continue each lesson by researching crystals and other metaphysical elements further. If that isn't enough you can get one-on-one tutoring with one of our many experts and Crystal Masters or even discuss the course with other users and students!

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Crystal Courses

Learn even more about crystals with the free crystal courses that come with your membership.

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Crystal Deals

Save on crystals, get free shipping, and an entire Secret Garden with amazing deals.

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Free Gifts

We have so many benefits in the Crystal Inner Circle that the free gifts are just like the cherry on top.

Our Crystal Communities

  • Crystal Astrology

    Learn when and how to use your crystals based on the Moon, Sun, and planets.

  • Crystal Healing

    Find a treasure trove of information regarding Crystal Healing in all aspects of your life.

  • Crystal Alchemy

    Learn all about making crystal teas, elixirs, essences, and working with herbs.

  • Crystals for Beginners

    If you're new to crystals, this is the place to start and learn the basics.

  • Crystal Labyrinth

    This community has everything that doesn't fit in elsewhere such as meditation, Feng Shui, and more.

  • Crystal Grids

    Find tips and techniques for building grids to use in your life for various needs.

  • Crystal Divination

    Learn how much more effective your crystals can be at divining the past and future.

  • Spirits & Guardians

    Understand how your crystals work with Angels, Gods, Goddesses, and more.

  • Crystal Medicine Wheel

    Learn how to use a crystal medicine wheel in your life to grow and prosper.

  • Crystal Master Course

    Follow along with the current Crystal Master Course and chat with other students.

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crystal inner circle testimonialThe Crystal Inner Circle is liquid gold information as a crystal healer. I can login every day to see where the Moon is, where the stars have moved in Feng Shui, and even look up recipes and remedies for my clients! This is an invaluable source. Thank you. - Cindy H. ANNUAL MEMBER

crystal inner circle testimonialThank you so much. I joined the Crystal Inner Circle which is wealth of knowledge. I found the staff to be professional and sincerely assists individuals in any way that is needed. When I comment or send an email I always get a fast response. Truly an outstanding service! - Betty C. LIFETIME MEMBER

crystal inner circle testimonialI joined to get some info about crystal meditation but I ended up drawn into this whole new world! I'm building my first crystal grid for my meditation rituals. I'm glad I found the Crystal Inner Circle! There is no other place with more information. - Brian M. ANNUAL MEMBER

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