Secret Garden Crystal Shoppes

crystal inner circle secret garden

The Secret Garden Crystal Shoppes of the Crystal Inner Circle are like a discount crystal wellness buyers club! These shoppes offer amazingly diverse and special crystals and crystal related products at prices that are probably lower than you think possible.

Would you like to find amazing bargains? How about aromatherapy mixtures with high-quality essential oils? How about the most amazing crystal grids or maybe some of the world's finest teas? Perhaps you would like a source of the finest candles, herbs, and handmade soaps that are offered to members only at an incredible discount?

All of this and more is availabe inside of the Secret Garden. With your new Crystal Inner Circle membership, you can quickly click into the Secret Garden and find our wonderful shoppes.

On the weekends you can find even more hidden gems! On Saturday and Sunday, The Plaza inside of the Secret Garden is open. The Plaza is a rotating open market. There are several kiosks that rotate each weekend, bringing you unique, healing, and powerful items all at amazing prices.

The Secret Garden is open from March 15th to December 31st each year. We are closed during the winter for upgrades and restocking.

Our Crystal Shoppes



You will find incredible bargains on overstocked crystals in Wonderstones, a crystal outlet shoppe. The prices are so unbelievably low, they sell out quickly!



Zephyrs is a must visit shoppe. It carries crystals spell candles, incense, and aromatherapy oils and more.

the path

The Path

Don’t miss The Path, a crystal grid shoppe. You will find ancient symbolic gird designs not available anywhere. They are beautiful, highly effective, and made for your needs.

the star grotto

The Star Grotto

Visit our Astrology and Divination Shoppe for an eclectic assortment of Tarot, Rune, Astrology reading and products. Something for everyone.

The Emerald Leaf

The Emerald Leaf

A crystal herbs and tea shoppe offering herbal remedies for all.



Cauldrons is a kiosk in The Plaza that supplies many items to improve the life and spirit of witches of any persuasion.

The Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop

There are many wonders in the world and we have a few of them for you in the Old Curiosity Shop, a kiosk in The Plaza.

The Moon Child

The Moon Child

Crystals and products to facilitate your connections with the Spirit World of Goddesses and more.

The Book Nook

The Book Nook

The Book Nook is a kiosk in The Plaza. They offer both uncommon and beloved crystal books from the past and today.



Whether it is Earth, Water, Air, or Fire energy you need, this is your kiosk.

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