We are very pleased to announce the opening of the Secret Garden Crystal Shoppes - a wholesale crystal wellness buyers club! These shoppes offer amazingly diverse and special crystals and crystal related products at prices that are probably lower than you think possible.

Would you like to find crystals and everything associated with them and really pay only wholesale or less? How about Aromatherapy mixtures of pure certified essential oils at wholesale? How about the most amazing crystal grids? Or maybe some of the world’s finest teas at prices 90% less than you have been paying? Perhaps you would like a source of the finest candles, or the best hand made soaps that are certified organic and were never tested on animals at prices far below Etsy or Amazon?

Now you can... and a lot more every day, 24/7. With your new Crystal Inner Circle membership, you can quickly click into the Secret Garden and find our wonderful shoppes.

You will find incredible bargains on overstocked crystals in Wonderstones, a crystal outlet shoppe. Each Wednesday we have “Wednesdays at Wonderstones” a sale of crystals at prices that only dealers ever get.

Sometimes our buyers at Crystal Vaults buy too many of something. When we do, there comes a time to clear it out to make room for new crystals. As we do that each week we will be marking them down, way down for our Crystal Inner Circle members in Wonderstones.


Our Crystal Shoppes



You will find incredible bargains on overstocked crystals in Wonderstones, a crystal outlet shoppe. The prices are so unbelievably low, we can only stock them once a week!


Reflections is a must visit shoppe. It carries crystals energy soaps, bath products, lotions, and more. You will find products not available anywhere else at prices that will surely please.

the path
The Path

Don’t miss The Path, a crystal grid shoppe. You will find ancient symbolic gird designs not available anywhere. They are beautiful, highly effective, and made for your needs.

the star grotto
The Star Grotto

Join us in The Star Grotto, a crystal Tarot Shoppe, and get answers to your deepest questions. Choose from a number of insightful readings.

the emerald leaf
The Emerald Leaf

You will find seasonal master crystal energy infused herbals and teas in The Emerald Leaf, a crystal tea shoppe. All at incredibly low prices.


You will find delightful and unique crystal energy aromatherapy blends; perfect for spring in Zephyrs, a crystal aromatherapy shoppe.


You will also want to check out the great buys in Fireflies, a candle shoppe, with the best prices on the web by far.


You can also head up into Serene's, our crystal astrology shoppe, and see what the moon and heavens predict for you.