Circles & Squares: The Meaning of Shapes in Feng Shui

If you have studied Feng Shui at all or even have just been keeping up with our daily posts, you’ll know how important shapes are in Feng Shui. Shapes are related to various elements and having each of the elements represented in your environment is an exceptional way to balance your home’s energies and bring in the full energy of each shape.

kua-numbersYou can use the energy of shapes in your life to achieve the desired goals or ideas you have in mind. Each kua number has a shape associated with it that is especially auspicious. Kua numbers are used to help you tap your individual success directions. You can use a kua calculator here to give you detailed information about which directions are best for you and help create more success, wealth, health, and love in your life. You can also find out what your personal shape is.

For example, my birthday is December 13th, which gives me a personal Kua number of 8, and my group is considered to be West. This means I will connect more and find more healing effects in metal and round shapes. It also says my best directions for success is Southwest, while my best direction for love is West. If I was looking to increase my wealth and success, I would then focus on things for the Southwest area of my home. This could be with stones, candles, bright lights, vases, Earth Energy or pink crystals, or porcelain. I also know that squares rule this particular area, so surrounding my home with sharper, square shapes, can help bring me the energy of success.

If I wanted to focus on my son, as another example, his birthday is November 11th. This makes his personal Kua Number 9. His direction is East so I know from that he will naturally connect with shapes such as pillars or spires, and material such as Wood. If I wanted to focus on his wisdom and growth, I can see that the South area is best for him, the Fame and Reputation Gua. So if I wanted to bring positive energy for his personal growth, I could add more shapes that include triangle, pyramids, and stars.


So what do shapes mean in Feng Shui?


Here are what each shape represents in Feng Shui along with its associated Kua number for success.


This shape represents the full energy of wood and of upward growth and the number three and four, with the number three being more auspicious. The rectangle represents movement. Add this shape when you have too much metal or earth energy or when you desire more growth and protection. This is the shape of success for the 9 and 1 kua.

This is the element of earth and the number two. Squares are solid and grounding. They are beneficial for adding the energy that benefits relationships and the family. Add this energy when you are feeling like there is too much movement in your life. This is the wealth and success shape for the 8, 2 and 5 kua.

This is the shape of the element of fire and the number nine. This shape should be used sparingly, but it signifies success and upward movement – especially when the points are up. Look for this shape to add more success and increased energy, but use this sparingly as it is the element of fire and too much fire can burn down the house! This is the shape of success for the 3 kua.

The wave shape signifies water and is very auspicious! It’s represented by the number one. The curvilinear shape symbolizes the fluidity of the water element and its ability to transport and transform. This is one of the shapes least seen in home and office settings. Too much wavy shapes can create depression and too little can create a lack of opportunity and growth. This is the shape of success for the 4 kua.

This shape is considered the most auspicious as it is the shape of heaven and the element of gold, or metal, and the numbers six and seven, with six being the most auspicious. Metal shapes help to keep too much wood (often found in homes) from overtaking the energy of a home. Many homes have wood floors and wood furniture. Employing round shapes helps to control excess wood – which can increase tensions in the family. A small round table or round objects can help keep wood from becoming oppressive. This is the shape of success for the 6 and 7 kua.¹


Kat Ohren, community coordinator for Crystal Feng Shui at Crystal Inner Circle.


¹ Red Lotus Letter

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