Using Crazy Lace Agate with The Wild Unknown Tarot

Using Crazy Lace Agate with The Wild Unknown Tarot

crazy lace agate

Crazy Lace Agate is our crystal of the week here in the Crystal Inner Circle! So, here in the Crystal & The Tarot Community we are going to discuss where to find it in The Wild Unknown Tarot. We’ll talk about the cards it’s connected to as well as the healing benefits this beautiful stone can offer.

Before we jump right in, let’s first discuss some brief history and uses of this beautiful, unique Agate stone.



Historically, Agate has been discovered with the artifacts of Neolithic people, and was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to Babylon. Throughout history, Agate was used for its effective medicinal properties. These uses began with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians and spread to areas of Africa, Russia, and the Middle East. The early Romans used Agate to counteract snake venom by grinding it down into powder and mixing it with water.

Many ancient cultures valued the metaphysical properties of Agate. They claimed it gave them the “favor of the Gods”, guarding them
from dangers and removing earthly obstacles from their paths such as lightning and high winds. Legends claimed that it would protect children from falling and prevent them from being injured by physical dangers. It was believed to to give the wearer strength, courage, and the ability to cure fears. The Magi in Persia burned Agate to thwart storms and other tumultuous weather.

Agate is also believed to be the middle stone in the third row on the breastplate of the High Priest.

Agate sparked a world renowned stone cutting and polishing industry in Germany that flourished from the 15th to the 19th century, and exists today.

The wearing of Agate was believed to be a cure for insomnia and was thought to induce pleasant dreams.

Agate has a rich history of divinely revealed images within its natural veining, inclusions and markings. Such images as the Virgin Mary, Jesus, John the Baptist, angels and various other human forms have manifested themselves in these natural works of art and are found in churches and museums around the world.


Agate enhances mental capabilities by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. Agate can stimulate the digestive system if it is placed on the abdomen or used as an elixir. Agate stones help with vision and other issues related to the eyes. It is used to assist hollow organs like the stomach, uterus, and intestines. It is also helpful in healing skin disorders and itching due to insect bites.

Crazy Lace Agate improves tissue metabolism, elasticity of blood vessel walls and prevents varicose veins.Wearing an Agate in the middle of the chest strengthens the heart.

A cold Agate placed on the forehead is generally effective in curing fever. (If the fever returns, however, consult a doctor.) Agate may also reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, and for some people guards against sleepwalking.


Crazy Lace Agate increases mental agility and concentration. Like its banded pattern and multifarious colors, this stone promotes liveliness and variety. It also encourages flexibility in thinking and action.It is a support and encouragement stone, elevating thoughts and increasing optimism.

Agates have a lower energy vibration, making it an ideal stabilizing and strengthening stone. Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, and in harmonizing Yin and Yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe.

Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. Placing Crazy Lace Agate out at a party will increase laughter and fun-loving attitudes amongst your guests. Because of its uplifting energy, this stone is commonly associated with sunny Mexican fiestas, light-hearted dancing, and joyful celebration.

Crazy Lace Agate helps overcome the fear of spiders and crawling insects. Associated with the web of fate, Crazy Lace Agate is useful when ghost hunting or visiting very old places to prevent sudden fears or negative vibes, but allowing you to see past worlds and spirits. A Crazy Lace Agate placed under an old spider’s web monthly for 24 hours attracts happy experiences in love.

Agate is useful as a protection amulet when traveling, and is especially effective against traffic accidents.

Crazy Lace Agate’s energy is circular and flowing. It helps overcome depression and despair, elevating thoughts and attitudes. It is uplifting and increases self-esteem.

This stone stimulates the Third-Eye Chakra, the center of our perception and consciousness. It eliminates and transforms negative energy, helping to stabilize one’s aura. Crazy Lace Agate promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth.

Crazy Lace Agate is used to help with decision making by balancing the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of oneself.



As you may know, certain Angels are connected to each tarot card. Here, we look at the Angels that prefer Crazy Lace Agate and their connected tarot card (The Rider-Waite-Smith Deck is used for reference.) Then, we shall find a shared connection with The Wild Unknown Tarot.

If you are looking to connect to one of the below cards (or the Angel associated with it), placing a Crazy Lace Agate on top of it and then meditating, or using it during a reading, can be very beneficial.

In italics are my opinions on the connections between Crazy Lace Agate and the mentioned tarot card.




Agiel is the Master of the 21st th tarot card, “The World” in the RWS Deck.

Wholeness, Completion

The World is the final card in the journey of the Major Arcana. It signifies completion, harmony, and contentment. It’s rare to experience this energy, as we are usually consumed by wanting, needing, and achieving. When this card appears, contemplate for a moment the idea of “being whole”.

The sky gets lighter as we reach the bottom of the card, suggesting the duality of light and dark, conscious and unconscious. The sphere’s core is a bright, emanating white. This reminds one of an energetic center of spirit, bursting forth to infuse all of creation. The second ring is comprised of flowers and seems to represent non-sentient life (plants, water, earth, fungi, etc). The third ring looks like snake skin and could represent sentient life (animals and humans).The circle itself invokes a sense of wholeness. It has no beginning and no end.

Like The World card, Crazy Lace Agate represents energy that is circular and flowing. It has a steady, low vibration that promotes inner stability. Agate stones are strong balancing stones, carrying “Yin and Yang” energy. It is important for the world to remain in balance with its Yin and Yang forces. Crazy Lace Agate carries dynamic, vibrant energy like the Earth, which is varied with its people and environments.




Cambiel is the Master of the 17th RWS tarot card, The Star.

Hope, Peace of Mind

Standing outside on a dark night, you gaze up at the stars and sense glimmers of wonder and hope. Even though you can’t find concrete answers to life’s many questions up there in the sky, you can’t help but feel comforted and renewed. The energy of the Star is not about actions or situations. It is simply about connecting to the part of you that is hopeful and serene. This force will bring light back into your life life and infuse you with positivity.

This gives the star an air of whole, healing energy. All colors are present, all colors are even, and they are contained safely within the star. The Star gives its light freely, without holding back. But it is also unassuming. The star draws attention quietly, with a sort of serene power. A beautiful, calming influence is present in this card. This star is a reminder that hope is present even in the darkest of nights.

The Star’s energy infuses one with radiating positivity like Crazy Lace Agate, which eliminates and transforms negative energy, helping to stabilize one’s aura. This stone has warm, joyful energy that can enhance this card’s hopeful, comforting energy.




Sachiel is the Master of the 10th card, Wheel of Fortune.

destiny, change of course

Whether day or night, the Wheel of Fortune is always in motion. This turning of day to night, night to day is one manifestation of the Wheel of Fortune that we are all intimately familiar with. On a symbolic level, this can also show our fate changing from clarity to confusion, success to failure, and infinite other twists.

When this card appears, the eye of the wheel is fixed upon you. Whatever happens to you during this time know that it is bringing you closer to one’s purpose. Everything is connected through complex patterns. We may not be able to untangle events to understand why they unfold the way they do, but there is an unfathomable system at work in the turning of the wheel.

This is a card that is representative of a change of course. Crazy Lace Agate can give you the support and encouragement to make those changes. This Agate carries energy that helps boost one’s self-confidence, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism in all of your life efforts. Like how the Wheel of Fortune is always in motion, Crazy Lace Agate has circular, flowing energy that eliminates and transforms negative energies.


Union, Desire, Joy

The Lovers suggests a beautiful and strong relationship on the horizon. he Loves honor and respect each other and, with that, they can go anywhere. If you’re already in a relationship, it’s time to be grateful and nourish this rare and precious gem.

In many depictions of the Lovers, the two face each other. However, in the Wild Unknown, the geese both face forward. They are on a journey together, no doubt. But at the same time, each also travels their individual path. All of the design elements come together here to convey a message of harmony, ease and unity.

Crazy Lace Agate is beneficial to The Lovers because  it promotes mental agility, liveliness and variety, and encourages flexibility in thinking and action, which are valuable qualities for relationships. It is also the “Laughter Stone”, bringing joy and lightheartedness to the relationship. It offers support and encouragement for a relationship and helps with self-confidence if one is searching for new love.






Sources: The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook, Carrie Mallon, Crystal Vaults

Nicole Farmer, community coordinator of the Crystal and the Tarot Community in the Crystal Inner Circle.


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